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“el badall” kindergarten

El Badall nursery school is located on the ground floor of an open block of the city expansion area, in the outskirts of Valencia. The project covers a 300 m2 rectangular plan, open to a busy street on one side and to a large patio of 300 m2 on the other side. The main goal of the project is to ensure that the daylight and natural ventilation reach all the area occupied by children, to perceive the presence of the large garden patio from every classroom, and to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere for the small ones. We use 2,40 m high modular furniture to articulate the classrooms along the central aisle, everything above it is glazed in order to create a natural homogenous lightning throughout the whole centre. All the toilets are always placed between classrooms, connected by sliding doors and a big glass surface that allows the teacher to control the class when accompanying the kids to the bathroom.