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architecture week

Competition: 1st prize – valencia graphic design

“Slide” – The graphic image of Architecture Week 08 was conceived from space generated by emptying a slide, this will provide a frame for capturing architectural visions of the city. In this way, the logo becomes more than a graphic gesture, a viewing instrument architecture from a new, more focused, point of view.
The concept is easily identifiable and simple application to different media:
“The poster takes the form of an empty slide, which when placed on different types of walls transmit the beauty and variety of textures in architecture. It also can be designed to register suspended at different points, setting frameworks and vision on the different architectural spaces.
“The leaflets are the same concept, the vacuum created through the logo invites reinterpretation of the object. Apart from sharing information, the triptych becomes a makeshift camera that will capture the architectural visions of each of the participants in the Architecture Week. Snapshots that are not printed on paper, but remain in our memory.
Applying the concept to the shirt, the slide now stands empty on the heart of the participants in the form of a small and symbolic impression on the left side.
In this way we reinforce the global image of this idea, appealing to the responsibility of the architect in the transformation of cities and in their necessary involvement with the existing environment.
The simplicity of graphic design and the typology used, intended not to disturb the vision of what the slide fits us. Serve only to give us the information necessary as beauty lies in the architectural composition and textures that we see through the object.
All prints are made using a single ink, greatly reducing printing costs and offsetting the costs incurred in establishing the vacuum.
This color is abstract enough to allow printed items differ substantially from the local architecture framed by the slide and allow the posters are easily recognized from a distance. Moreover, this color blends perfectly with any color that can be framed texture, as so does the bright blue sky in Valencia.