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sueca housing

Our architectural proposal for the parcel ED-01 C-9 sector of Sueca, develops trying to respect the rules in the partial plan in the sector but volumetry reconsidering established throughout the area ED than to relax in order to improve visual conditions of housing, adapting to new needs and improve the relationship with the urban environment.
Two parallelepipeds faced six and five heights (north building and south building), we have “cut” their opposite corners, oxygenating and providing all the blocks in a corner of a terrace planted community. The space between the Edifcio is open to the street at ground floor, creating a new pedestrian street that can generate dual vestibules and commercial orientation of higher quality. Thus, the basement, which occupies the entire solar supercie may provide direct openings to the space. The overall organization of housing in two buildings, is governed by a modular frame of 2.70 m, which allows us to obtain different types of housing by simply adding modules. This feature is designed to obtain the desired flexibility, allowing in case of change of program at the time of realizing the project, make whatever changes were necessary to obtain typological the desired combination of housing 1,2,3 or 4 bedroom.
The houses have a double orientation scheme, creating a space from day to the streets outside, sleeping on the street following the plot modular interior and a central wet block around which are arranged storage areas. At the ends of each building, three houses are solved by stairways, allowing the series to finish and work the fachades modular side.
In our proposal, we modify the defined demand in the housing program only 90m2 and establish a combination of different types of housing that seems in keeping with current social demands.