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school san juan de ribera

Competition: 1st prize

The Elementary School and kindergarten San Juan de Ribera, has a capacity of 3 units of Early Childhood Education, 6 units of Elementary and dining. The project has U-shaped, leaving his side open, a listed building in the twenties that must be preserved. This form, which strengthens the provision of block of the sprawl, are able to host or within the areas of games and sports.
In the north wing, are preparing the dining room, kitchen and sports. In the central body lies the administration area, parallel to this, an open corridor to the courtyard leads to the child zone, located on the south side. On the first floor are located all primary school classrooms, library, computing.

The vertical communication cores are placed in both corners of the U, thereby allowing smooth articulation of the parties.
The project pays special attention to the guidelines, the classrooms and look for the north east, which are more appropriate taking into account local conditions. These facades will opt for a modular system allowing defenestration explore different possibilities of materials.