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school benicadim

The parcel on which the future will be located kindergarten and primary school is located outside the village in a beautiful location surrounded by orange groves, with marked topography.
The pleasant natural context and interesting views of the ground, we are leading to an available volume in comb, where the various volumes that make the program follow one another starting from the slope and facing the valley.
Both the first volume on the main access and the second on the primary playground, are of a single height and have been treated as external wall load seen concrete finish on the hollow projecting that generate serial rhythm in the composition of the facades.
The third volume, which are in the Elementary Classroom oriented southwest, has been treated with a glass surface on which you install a wire mesh to allow climbing plants spread over its surface. The green facade, is a natural sunscreen suitable for your guidance, and this volume gives a look that integrates with the natural environment in which it is located.